HT-BW30 Scalp hair Magnifier Microscope Wifi USB mobile Android WIN 8 WIN 10 supported

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Advantage and Description: WIFI wireless scalp hair detector
Connection: wifi wireless / usb cable.
Hair follicles detector, beauty-care tool, health-care instrument. Used in windows system PC / Andriod tablet or mobile phone, iphone, ipad, to help users visualize and understand the condition of scalp, hair follicle,  clogged pores state, hair growth, hair loss, white hair, scalp hair damaged state, etc.

Scalp hair Microscope USB WIFI, Digital Microscope for scalp and hair checking.

Model: HT-BW30 (wifi / usb switchable,Scalp hair Microscope)
Master chip: special master DSP
Magnification: 5X ~ 200X
Camera / video: Built-in
Light Source: 8 white LED lights
Static Resolution: 640x480
Imaging distance: manually adjustable 0 ~ 4cm, other distances can be customized
Fixed base: specialized base
CD: HotBeauty (Professional hair scalp contrastive analysis software), Hotviewer (Android phone/tablet software)
Support System: Windows system, andriod for tablets and phones, ipad, iphone
Connection: WIFI / USB switch between
Power: USB (5V DC)
Dynamic frames: 20f / s Under 600 LUX Brightness
Illuminance range: 0 ~ 30000LUX adjustable wire
Supported languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, Korean, (other languages need to customize)
Color: blue / black, other colors can be customized
Body size: 142mm (L) * 37mm (R)
Package weight: 550g

Front / rear

Top / bottom



Connected with ipad/ipnone/Andriod Cellular or Tablet/Windows PC

Main interface of PC-user software, displaying skin hair detector, now supporting three languages: Chinese, English, Korean

User info archiving

English interface (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean selectable)

On full screen, the effect of observing scalp, hair, follicle, 200 times amplified

On full screen, the effect of observing skin, beard, mole, 200 times amplified

Observation of 200X, to know observation area and thickness of hair. It can be seen from the figure below:

Skin, magnified results contrast

Scalp, follicle, magnified results contrast

Hair and magnified results contrast

Skin test report can be input manually on the computer, and then print test results saved as word documents.

Word document generated, about the test results



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