About us

Shenzhen Hot Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in October, 2010, is a avant-garde technology company with pragmatic approach oriented towards R&D of special imaging electronics and equipments, manufacturing practical and professional imaging products.

One of the our products is our innovative Digital Microscope. This imaging innovation is used currently in professional fields such as health care equipments, professional laboratories, PCB checking, etc., the usage involved in more industrial fields and in home needs too.

One obvious advantage is that our excellent software engineers research profoundly and practice the perfect combination of software and imaging electronics, with the remarkable programs perfectly running in the products, promoting our products uniquely designed to sell all over the world. Our products have been exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and more other countries. With our good service offered to our partners, we win clients in domestic and international markets, and are recommended by our partners to more interested companies and marketers.

Not only is the popular sale of our digital microscope series, but more important is that we customize personalized products as required by clients. With customized products and uniqueness created by our group, we now cooperate with more and more institutions and partners. We help to customize professional imaging products, according to industrial requirements in the use of laboratory, research needs, quality inspection, medical testing instruments and equipment, beauty industry, etc and so on where is needed for customization of image-camera products.

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