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digital microscope digital microscope digital microscope digital microscope digital microscope
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【H2标题】Gift digital microscope

The usage of Digital Microscope: 500x digital zoom, far-focus digital microscope. Products is connected with computer, or connecting some phones available to OTG function. You can observe the magnified images directly on the screen. The results obtained from the screen are more accurate and shared by viewers. This product is equipped with fine aluminum frame. It comes with software that measures and displays parameters of the object precisely: angle, straight-line distance, parallel lines distance, diameter, etc.
This product can be used in these areas such as:
Industrial product inspection
Computer parts inspection
Scientific research
Teaching and study tool
Children's interest in science
Laboratory studies
Medical analysis, Beauty care industry, Skin examination, Hair testing, etc.
Insect anatomy, plant anatomy,…. in biology field
Textile observation, Printing inspection, etc.
Jewelry, coins and antiques inspection

Product description and  sales points:
----Portable microscope in your pocket,bag or backpack
----Far-focus(afocal) digital microscope
----Software precisely measuring and displaying parameters of the object

Model: HT-30L (USB+OTG function)                                      
Controller: High Speed DSP(M-jpeg)/CMOS Sensor
Magnification Range: 1X ~ 500X
Take Images: SNAP Shot
Pixels: 2.0MP
Light Source: Build-in 8 White-light LED/0-30000LUX
Video Capture Resolution: 320x240,640x480,800x600,1024x768,1280x960,1600x1200
Focus Range: 4~50cm
Support O/S:  WIN XP/VISTA,WIN 7, WIN 8, WIN10, Mac, Android(Android phone or tablet with OTG function)
Applications: HotViewer (pc), HotMicroscope (Android)
Connection: USB interface
Power supply: USB(5V DC)
Frame Rate: 30f/s Under 500 LUX Brightness
Language: Chinese/English (more languages supported with OEM order)
Color: Blue (more colors supported with OEM order)
Dimension: 144 mm ( L)* 37 mm (D)
Gross Weight: 850g

Front / rear

Left / right

Top / bottom


Magnified results analysed by professional Software

Magnified viewing: poollen, leaf, insect leg, insect mouth

Magnified items: coin, screw, paper money, ceramic

Zoomed objects: plastic, presswork, nail, fingerprint

50X & 100X amplified objects: screen, part of PCB

Magnification: dry skin, scalp, hair, acne

Magnified view: PCBA

Far-focus(afocal) microscope, magnified effect with 10CM height

Perifocus microscope magnified effect with 10CM height (here ONLY presented to compared with far-focus microscope)

Far-focus(afocal) microscope magnified effect with 20CM height

Perifocus microscope magnified effect with 20CM height (here ONLY presented to compared with far-focus microscope)

Elongated metal pole 30CM

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