HT-66C ENT Intraoral Camera Portable Digital Microscope Medical Tools Inspection

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Sales advantage:
-----Portable medical microscope in your pocket,bag or backpack
-----Auxiliary useful medical instrument
-----images synchronized on the two screens

HT-66C is more than used as digital microscope. Apart from the usage in the industrial fields, textile testing, computer parts inspection, scientific research, teaching tool, children's interest, jewelry and antiques inspection……It is applied especially in health-care, beauty-care, auxiliary medical use.
In kindergarten, nursery school, nursing home, rest home, health leisure club, it helps staff and personnel, paramedical, massagist,…… to observe body organs’ condition, facial and skin care.
Personal Care: as your health self-examination tool when travelling, even when you are waiting for the bus, you are reminded to check what state your hair condition is. Use it check your teeth, to examine oral hygiene condition.
Household usage: beyond personal physical self-examination, the home usage is also effectively applied as a convenient household auxiliary equipment to check family members’ health, e.g., to check infection of ears, nose and throat, to examine ear hygiene, ear cleaning, mouth ulcers, teeth condition, hair root detection, skin detection, for your family members’ health.
Medical aids for auxiliary medical diagnostics: as a portable and helpful diagnostic tool used for ENT specialist, hospital and clinic, etc. Doctors show the screen images to patients.
Popular business gift: this is a unique and innovative gift. Market this product as business gifts, company gift, and customized gifts.

Model:  HT-66C(ENT Intraoral Camera)
Display:  2.4 TFT LCD Pixels 480(RGB)*320 dots
Battery:  Lithium polymer 950MA / 3.7V
Pixels:  640*480
Take Photo: No.
Conneted with external display: Yes.
Synchronization of images: images on the external display synchronized with images on the product display
Image type: black-white images; color images; It can be switched.
Image Zoom:  6x zoom
Photosensitive surface: 1/18" VGA CMOS
Frame rate: 30fps
Lens Diameter: 3.9mm
Imaging focal length: 5-80mm
LED lights: 2PCS
Tube length mirror: 30mm
AV cable: Mini USB 1M magnetic ring
USB cable: Mini USB 1M magnetic ring

Front / rear

Left / right


Top / bottom


As ENT instrument, medical aids for auxiliary medical diagnostics

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